UE4: Concrete

Video has audio, but is muted by default.

This is my third test transitioning an old V-Ray scene into Unreal (4.26.0). The "stage" for this one was pretty small, so I was somewhat limited in camera angles and animations. I wanted to test more of a hybrid setup in this one, so the lighting is all static and baked, but the reflections are ray traced. The animated sequences (the truck and rack focus) were rendered using cinematics through Sequencer. At 450 frames and 4K resolution, the image sequence took about 3 minutes and 44 seconds to render. All images are direct from Unreal with no post adjustments (other than some transitions added in After Effects). Furniture pulled from a 3D model library, wall and floor textures originally from textures.com (and then heavily edited), and the rest is my own.