M230 Chain Gun

Tools : 3ds Max / Photoshop
Property of LSI / Created for the U.S. Army

M230 chain gun asset used for real-time, interactive simulation and training. This component was provided as a high fidelity mesh which required extensive topology cleanup and optimization. Component is completely rigged and animated to support the mandatory training tasks. Due to production standards and limitations, only diffuse maps and vertex shading could be used. Components are required to be visualized in a clean and undamaged state.




The M230 and its training tasks are very complex. A system needed to be designed to break down the component into sub-components to reduce the load in-engine as well as provide easier navigation for the user.


To get the ammunition chute to animate properly when the M230 moves in elevation, a spline-based IK rig was used.


Zoomed view of the ammunition chute and its disassembly.